Primeros condoms are not your average rubbers! Their premium latex is grown on biodiverse agroforest rubber farms, where they believe in sustainable and fun farming. None of that boring monoculture business here, they mix it up with bamboo, fruit, veggies and even traditional herbs in their forest gardens! And wait, there's more! Some farmers even keep bees to produce organic honey. Sweet, huh?

But it's not just about having a good time on the farm. By avoiding herbicides, these farms are like magnets for all sorts of wild species, from fluttering butterflies to scampering mammals. And the best part? This kind of jungle farming is super beneficial for the environment and can even help with our Earth's climate resilience! So, not only are these agroforestry systems improving smallholders' livelihoods, but they're also giving the planet a big boost. Talk about multitasking!

Hevea Brasiliensis

Brazilian Rubber Tree has been around for ages, even the ancient Aztecs knew about it! This fast-growing tropical tree is a native of the Amazon, and it's a true wonder of nature.

But wait, it gets even cooler! At night, the bark of the rubber tree is expertly cut and liquid latex juice drips into a little coconut-shaped vessel. It's like a secret ritual performed by skilled tree whisperers.

And what do they do with all that precious latex? Well, they put it through a spin cycle, just like a washing machine! The centrifugal force makes sure that the latex is squeaky clean and ready to be turned into something amazing - the best condoms in town, Primeros! So next time you use a condom, remember it all started with the magical Hevea Brasiliensis!