Get ready for the wild and wacky tale of rubber's rise to fame! In the early 20th century, some sneaky botanists had sticky fingers and were snatching rubber seeds from the Amazonia jungle. They smuggled them to the Far East, leaving rubber seekers scratching their heads.

But fear not! The crazy genius, "Mad" Nicho Ridley, came to the rescue with his Hevea herring-bone pattern bark incisions. This incredible invention allowed for highly productive rubber tapping and introduced natural rubber as a hot new commercial product on the Malay peninsula. Who knew a pattern in bark could change the game so drastically?

Meanwhile, across the pond in Europe, the king of rubber, Gustav Schwarzwald, had a revolutionary idea. In 1909, he discovered how to make condoms from natural latex. What a genius! Not only that, but he also invented a discreet mail-order service for his delicate wares, catering to even the most inhibited customers. Talk about a pioneer to the bone!

Thanks to Gustav and his company, Primeros, natural rubber latex condoms soon became all the rage. They were sold throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire and beyond, from Paris to London to Chicago. Who knew that rubber could be so exciting and scandalous?

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