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The early 20th century was a turbulent time – Machu Picchu was discovered, and the first Scouts Movement section was established. And, in 1909, the founder of Primeros was among the first to take advantage of the fact that natural rubber latex, when heated, easily transforms into rubber as we know it. Besides being good with rubber, he also invented a discrete mail order service. Gustav Schwarzwald, a Jewish entrepreneur living in Prague, presaged modern-day online shopping we all know too well. Thanks to Primeros, this “prophylactic” made of natural rubber latex was soon sold not only across the whole Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, but also in Paris, London and Chicago.


Sex is not a filthy word, nor it is something we should be ashamed of. Sex should not be confined to Pornhub. Quite the opposite: finding your sexual niche is at least as important as planting a tree, building a house and knowing all the Star Trek quotes.

We embrace all shades of human sexuality – there are definitely more than fifty! Some are into girls, some are into…something different. Some are sub, others are doms and dommes. Some are into bondage, others into boys in firefighters’ uniforms. You don’t have to fit in a box, be SEX POSITIVE!

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